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Treatment of acne scars with Iontophoresis

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Condition of skin

Acne scars and big-porous skin

Result of treatment

Lasting and considerable reduction of depth of acne scars with pores getting finer

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

AHA Creams (concentration according to type of skin)


>  Iontophoresis treatments (ionized substances are effectively infiltrated into the deeper layers of the skin) are entirely painless. Supporting the treatment or enhancing its effect we recommend - according to type of skin - a properly concentrated AHA Cream.  

>  Because of the gentle and in no way aggressive technique of treatment,  you need neither restrict your professional duties nor your social activities during the whole time period of treatments.  Iontophoresis treatments are an excellent alternative for anybody wanting to avoid aggressive interferences with her/his skin, like Chemical Peelings, Derma-Abrasion or Laser Treatments.

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