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Acne treatment with Deep Cleansing

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Condition of skin

Big-porous, greasy, ("adipose") and bad skin tending to inflammations (acne)

Result of treatment

The acne is rapidly healing up

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

AHA Creams  (concentration according to type of skin). Supportive medication in compliance with medical instructions.


>  With a Deep Cleansing at regular intervals you maintain and ensure the lasting effect of the treatment success. Special cleansing technique for adipose, big-porous skin tending to blackheads as well as for combination skin. The Deep Cleansing considerably speeds up the healing of existing acne.  Supporting your care efforts at home we recommend - depending on acuteness - fruit acid cream (AHA Cream) concentrated according to your skin type. Regularly applying proper AHA Cream results in successfully combating existing acne (very greasy skin, blackheads, inflammations). New inflammations will be effectively prevented.

>  Always bear in mindAcne and the Sun  are no good friends, but you can take preventive action. 

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