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Care treatment

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>>  lt's much easier to maintain a healthy skin

than to repair a damaged one

You have the possibility to slow down and delay the natural aging process of the skin and keep it beautifully and healthy.

So, it's worth it to start in good time with consistent care and cosmetic treatments at regular intervals. Especially the moisture treatment is highly recommended.

Moisture treatment

The moisture treatment is just right for any type of skin and age. This treatment regulates the moisture content and at the same time strengthens the skin's natural protective mechanism against aging. The skin gets relaxed, refreshed and radiant.


Condition of skin

Little elastic, flabby, limp and weary skin

Result of treatment

Your skin recovers its elasticity and gets firm, refreshed, smooth and lithe

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Kukui Day Cream, Kukui Night Cream, Kukui Mask