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Fruit acid peeling

>>  all wrinkle treatments






>  For the reduction of wrinkle depth

>  Highly effective without being aggressive

Fruit acid peelings quite generally have the effect that the uppermost horny and dead cells will increasingly be rejected and new cell growth will be stimulated. Already after just one treatment the improvement of your skin picture is visible.

The successful application of fruit acid requires enormous experience !

Today, state-of-the-art medical cosmetology is unimaginable without fruit acid (AHA), the "gentle tool" for rejuvenating the skin and improving the skin picture. The successful application of fruit acid rests on three decisive factors:

>  the concentration of the right fruit acid product

>  the pH factor of this product

>  the absolutely reliable appraisal of your skin condition ("skin picture").

Visible results are to be achieved only with products of a high fruit acid concentration and a low pH factor. Applying these highly concentrated AHA products with the aim of solving specific skin problems requires comprehensive expert knowledge and years of practical experience.  Only this will assure your success, because properly applied fruit acid is highly effective and yet not aggressive.

Your benefit in concrete terms:

Successful treatments without having to restrict any of your professional duties or social activities! 


Condition of skin

Sun-damaged skin. Big-porous and bad skin (acne). Skin tending to wrinkling.

Result of treatment

>  Repair of sun-damaged skin; tautening and smoothing out skin tending to wrinkling

>  Reduction of sebum secretion

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Depending on skin condition products to be applied are AHA-Cream (concentration according to type of skin)

and AHA Body Milk. Regular application leads to a quickly perceptible improvement of your skin tissue and skin picture. 

Age spots are less discernible, depth of tiny wrinkles will be clearly diminished.