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>  Considerably slowing down the skin aging process

Our primary objective is to protect and maintain - as long as possible - the condition of the skin that nature endowed you with. Starting around the age of 30 though, our skin begins to increasingly lose some of its firmness and elasticity.

Our special Antiaging treatments and products were developed with the objective of preventing this natural process of skin aging and thereby delaying it considerably.


Condition of skin

Dry, flabby and limp skin with bad blood flow. Visibly accelerated aging process with tiny wrinkles developing for the first time.

Instantly visible result of treatment

>  Four perfectly coordinated active substances  (Vitamin-Complex "F.A.C.E.", Coenzyme Q10, Collagen Elastin,

Hyaluron acid) have an astonishingly synergetic effect on the regeneration of the skin. 

>  Visible success:  refreshed, healthy, shining and radiant appearance of your skin. Your skin gets taut,

smooth and revitalized and wins back its required moisture and firmness.

>  Added effect: these four active substances are simultaneously supporting our built-in protective mechanism

in warding off those especially skin-damaging "free radicals".

KIRA KENNING Anti-Aging products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Serum, Mask, Décolleté Cream, Day Cream, Night Cream, Ampules