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>  Strengthening the skin and reducing wrinkle depth

A deficit in female hormones (estrogen) as clearly shown in the blood picture increasingly leads to dry and flabby skin with bad blood flow as well as to wrinkling.

Already shortly after start of treatments, properly dosed Hormone Cream will lead to a substantially improved skin as to moisture, blood flow and firmness as well as to an essential reduction of wrinkle depth. Daily application of H-Cream and treatments repeated at intervals will guarantee your success!


Condition of skin

Because of disturbed hormone balance (as described above) the skin is getting increasingly dry and flabby,

blood flow worsens and tendency to wrinkling increases.

Result of treatment

>  Slowed-down and delayed process of skin aging, reduction of wrinkle depth 

>  Improved firmness and moisture of the skin

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Rejuvination H-Cream