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Hyalonic treatment

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>  Clearly visible lifting of face contours

>  Substantial reduction of wrinkle depth without hypodermic

The Hyalonic technique, developed and exclusively offered by KIRA KENNING, is the outcome of latest medical findings on elasticity decline and aging of the skin.

A significant characteristic of skin aging is decline of firmness and elasticity leading to rapidly increasing wrinkling. This has its reason in the age-related natural reduction of hyaluronic acid, an essential component of our connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid is possessed of the unique ability to bind (and store) large quantities of water, the very ingredient that makes our skin appear taut, smooth and youthful. Small wrinkles and lines diminish and the skin is getting firm and elastic. 

Until recently, in order to achieve a substantial reduction of wrinkle depth, we were only able to inject hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin by means of hypodermic needles. Areas covered were small. 

Today, our gentle Hyalonic technique is to infiltrate highly effective hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin employing pulsed / galvanic current (Iontophoresis). In this way we can treat the total of your facial skin and not just single small wrinkles...  and it's absolutely painless!


Condition of skin

Low-in-moisture, low-in resistance, flabby skin with wrinkling tendency.

Instantly visible result of treatment

>  Clearly visible lifting of face contours

>  Considerable reduction of wrinkle depth 

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Hyalift Gel plus  (as well as additional KIRA KENNING products according to type of skin, skin condition and aimed-at results)