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SkinLift treatment

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>  lnstantly visible and absolutely painless face-lift

>  Our top treatment for your great and admired appearance

The  SkinLift  technique, developed and exclusively offered by KIRA KENNING, is the outcome of latest medical findings on skin aging and regenerative power of our skin.

The astounding effect of this treatment is based on the careful coordination and combination of two treatment stages, one coming immediately after the other: the SynSkin phase and the Hyalonic phase. 

In the first ("synergistic") phase the skin will be rejuvenated. This will be achieved by the unique combination of properly concentrated and dosed fruit acid and a special hormone cream. With these two perfectly coordinated products we can quickly and considerably reduce the traces of skin aging. Small wrinkles recede and the skin is getting rejuvenated and appears much healthier. The skin shows improved blood flow and is much more able to take in the following products. To maintain and stabilize this skin condition we apply a special hormone cream.

In the second ("hyalonic") phase we apply the gentle Hyalonic technique. This is to infiltrate highly effective ionized hyaluronic acid products into the deeper layers of the skin employing iontophoresis (galvanic current). In this way we can treat the total of your facial skin and not just single small wrinkles. No hypodermic needles, therefore absolutely painless!


Condition of skin

Low-in-moisture, low-in resistance, flabby skin with wrinkling tendency

Instantly visible result of treatment

>  Your skin will be amazingly rejuvenated, taut and smooth

>  Face contours are clearly lifted and improved 

KIRA KENNING products  for maintaining the success of treatment and securing its lasting effect

Hyal Gel plus, Rejuvination H-Cream as well as additional KIRA KENNING products according to type of skin, skin condition and aimed-at results